Oct 6, 2007

Saturday. I reached Fisherman's Wharf maybe around 2, and choked down soggy fried clams ($8.50=highway robbery) during the F-16 demo. Then moved further west and found a public pier with a decent uncrowded view of the airshow box. There seemed to be as many anti-terrorist types hanging out here as spectators.

Having seen the blue angels routine many times, I still enjoy the skill of the flying and the speed and noise. At an airbase you get to see the formation takeoff and landing but no setting is as pretty as the SF bay.

Somewhere near the cannery.

Smoke trails from one of the civilian stunt planes.

The support C-130 makes a low pass over the water.

Zoom climb for a transport.

The show begins.

Ceiling unlimited!

Tight diamond formation

Slow flight at high angle of attack

Smoke on


Next one jet makes a steep climb out in noisy afterburner while the other scoots off.



The finishing move: fleur-de-lis

Sea birds dive bombed the fish now and then, landing with an impressive splash in the water followed by a casual rearrangement of tail feathers. It was too hard to catch in action.