Pear lake dayhike

October 30, 2006. Started from Visalia, having driven up from the Edwards airshow the night before. The motel had thin walls and noisy neighbors. I checked out at 5 on a poor night's sleep.

Don't think I actually made it to pear lake. For my purposes, one lake was as good as another.

Starting off from sea level at the crack of dawn.
















Vertiginous view of the side of the watchtower, camera held at arm's length while lying on my belly.



































Which lake is this?












My naps on the trail, due to lack of sleep and acclimitization, turned this into an all day affair and then some.

My race against the sun has failed. I'm still at the watchtower with about 3 miles back to the trailhead. I had a flashlight fortunately. It was the thread I hung from in the forest, which got real dark.


Climbed Moro Rock, which was billed as a view of the great western divide. Maybe next year we will visit there in style.









Moro Rock stairs.

Then a visit to the Sherman tree in Giant Forest.








Took a 2 mile loop trail around the giant forest.

Huge wreck of a fallen tree.



Took a hike along the canyon floor, parallel to the pear lake trail but without much elevation gain.







The trail ends here.


Watchtower from below. Now that doesn't look so bad.





My kind of parking lot.

An "advertisement" for King's Canyon national park at a northern overlook along the road out of Sequoia.